Back to School Reminders

It has been quite a few weeks since all the children were back in school, so here are a few reminders of the routines and expectations: the arrangements are the same as they were in the Autumn term. I’m trying to keep this to just the key points, so if there is anything else you need to know, please contact us.


Year Group Gate Drop Off Pick Up

Foundation Stage Fort Road 8.50 – 9.00 2.50 – 3.00

Year 1 Porchester Road 8.30 – 8.40 3.00 – 3.10

Year 2 Church gate 8.30 – 8.40 3.00 – 3.10

Year 3 Porchester Road 8.40 – 8.50 3.10 – 3.20

Year 4 Church gate 8.40 – 8.50 3.10 – 3.20

Year 5 Fort Road 8.40 – 8.50 3.10 – 3.20

Year 6 Fort Road 8.30 – 8.40 3.00 – 3.10


The government has said that attendance is mandatory again as of Monday 8th March – this means that all children are legally required to attend school, unless your child has received an official shielding letter or is self-isolating. We will continue to provide remote education in these cases.

Picking Up and Dropping Off

  • Children should be dropped off by 1 parent only at the allocated gate and at the time given. Please keep to timings as it is very important for avoiding unnecessary contact and avoid using public transport where possible.

  • Parents should maintain a 2m distance from each other if waiting outside the gate. If you have no one to look after younger siblings, please ensure they stay with you and do not interact with other families. The timeslots given are long enough that you will have time to drop off more than 1 child in different year group