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Update - 12th March

It has been such a joy having all the children and staff back in school again this week! We’ve loved seeing their faces, hearing their voices and laughter and just seeing the school full of people and life after so long. The children have been brilliant and settled back into school so well (even for those who have been in during lockdown, it is a bit of a shock to suddenly have all 30 children back in a class!).

We’re all looking forward to our St Patrick’s Day celebrations on Wednesday, so do try and join us for the liturgy at 1.45 which will be led by Miss McNabb and 2GM. This is the link:

Red Nose Day

Red Nose Day is this Friday as well, so we have a busy week ahead! Don't worry, you won't need anything special for this one! The theme this year is superheroes, so you can wear something red, something related to superheroes or even make one up - it doesn't matter! There will be lots of fun activities throughout the day, all from Red Nose Day organisers themselves!

We've set up a JustGiving page specifically for Red Nose Day - you can donate to St Patrick’s JustGiving page by clicking here:

Please don't bring any money into school to help us keep Covid-secure!

Mrs Claridge (School Council Coordinator)

Message from Mrs Claridge

Hopefully, your child will have brought home a family colouring book recently. Part of our Computing curriculum teaches children about online safety and we'd like you to be involved because children are often online at home too (especially nowadays!). This program is called 'Be Internet Legends' and is developed in conjunction with Google and Parent Zone. You can access the wide range of games, videos, and resources to help your whole family feel safer online here:

Keeping Everyone Safe

I’m sure you have heard enough about social distancing in the past year, but please can I just remind everyone that the virus is still out there and it is important everyone keeps a 2m distance, particularly when waiting at the beginning and end of the day.

Unsurprisingly, the traffic has really increased over this week and I would ask you to be extra vigilant with your children: we had a near miss earlier in the week when a child ran across the road and this morning we had reports of a car mounting the pavement where people were walking. While the school has no authority to supervise the traffic, please do take extra care and park a bit further away if it is safer

Relationships and Sex Education Consultation

There are new requirements being brought in by the government to start next term and at the moment the Governing Body are working through the proposed policy and curriculum. Please have a look at the details of this on our website and complete the questionnaire so that we can take into account any views you may have:

Staff Vacancy

We have a vacancy for a Lunchtime Supervisor – full details on our website:

Energy Kidz

Sharon and her team would like to thank you all for your prompt and very supportive responses to the survey. It looks like numbers are already picking up and so it is very likely that the club will continue. If you haven’t yet completed the survey, please consider doing so.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day! Originally it was the day when people went back to the parish church in which they were baptised (their “mother church”, hence Mothering Sunday), but nowadays it is an opportunity to thank and celebrate mothers everywhere. I’m sure the children will be giving all sorts of gifts to you this weekend and Mrs Bignell has suggested a Mothers’ Day menu which is attached.

Have a lovely weekend.

Michael Lobo

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