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Update - 15th January

It’s been rather a quiet week in school and the small bubble year groups are really enjoying their learning and being in school. For those of you learning at home, the staff have loved seeing and talking to you during the live sessions and some of you have also been able to see the children in school! As the staff get more familiar with the technology, we will offer some more live sessions to complement the learning the children are doing on SeeSaw. Thank you for your patience when the technology has not worked as it should (particularly with Teams) – none of us are IT experts, but we will do our best to help you!

We are still able to lend out laptops if needed for you to use at home and we also have a number of free data sims if you are on a limited broadband package. Additionally, we can now apply for free data on your behalf on your current phone contract in certain circumstances, so please let us know if this would help you – also if you need any non-IT equipment such as stationery or writing materials.

This Sunday, the Church enters the period we call Ordinary Time (not because it’s ordinary actually but because the Sundays are numbered in the ordinal way!). We hear about Samuel and Andrew, both people who were called to follow God’s way: in the same way, we are called by God and at this very strange time, it might be that our calling is to help or support someone else in greater need than ourselves. Locally, the Parish of Christ the King in Bitterne will be live-streaming Mass on Sunday and you can watch it here:

Fr Ross enjoys his weekly visits to us: now that the church is closed for the rest of the month, it gives him a chance to carry on his ministry face-to-face albeit in a slightly different way. This Tuesday, he will lead another whole-school virtual liturgy for us at 1.40. He has also cut down all the trees in his garden so gets the chance to wave at us in the playground from time to time!

A rather sobering message from the Council

We aren’t going to sugar-coat this.

Southampton is in a worse place now than at any other time in the COVID-19 pandemic.

Infections are very high.

Hospital staff are under intense pressure.

197 people have now died in the city and many more will lose their lives before this is over.

Many more who recover will suffer lasting effects from the illness.

But there are still things you can do to help Keep Southampton Safe:

Keep your contact with other households to an absolute minimum.

And when you do need to go out, remember the basics - Hands, Face, Space.

We know it’s tough, but there is hope as vaccines are rolled out at speed.

Remember that no matter how it feels right now, this will be temporary.

Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives.

Have a lovely and safe weekend.

Michael Lobo

Please remember that some of our staff are working from home, so if you get a call from a “Private Number”, it might be us!

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