Update - 4th November

I hope you have had a good half-term holiday and as ever it’s great to see the children all so happy to be back at school again. Unfortunately we seem to again be heading into a very difficult situation regarding Covid-19 and there is some information here about what to expect. Apologies for the rather lengthy email.

Lockdown Guidance

We’ve been waiting since Saturday for further guidance for schools which finally arrived this afternoon. There is actually no change for us as we are to remain open following the same guidance as we had at the start of term. However, I would ask you please to take extra care when dropping and picking up: during the lockdown period, we should only be out for essential trips and work/ school – this is to avoid unnecessary contact. Clearly collecting/ dropping at school is a risk, which is why we have staggered times and asked parents to wear face coverings. Please stick to these times and avoid waiting around longer than is necessary.

If we have staff off sick or self-isolating, we will do our best to keep all classes open (as we have successfully done so far this term), but obviously if we end up with large numbers off, we may have to close for certain classes. Staff are being extremely cooperative about covering classes where needed and also extremely cautious about following self-distancing guidelines within schools as far as possible to minimise risk. We also do have a number of staff who are classed as vulnerable, so it may be that your child’s teacher or teaching assistant is not able to be at school over the lockdown period: we will let you know arrangements for covering this as needed.

You can read the full guidance here:


Clinically Extremely Vulnerable

Children who are classed as clinically extremely vulnerable by their doctors are now advised not to attend school. If your child is in this category, the guidance says you will be receiving a letter from the government – in the meantime, if you are not sure, please call us to discuss. Any children who live with others who are clinically extremely vulnerable are still expected to attend school as normal.

There is guidance about this here:


We are awaiting further guidance from the government about schools and will let you know any further changes that might happen as soon as we know ourselves.