Applying for a place in Year R

If your child going to have his/her 4th birthday between 1 September 2019 - 31st August 2020 you will need to apply for a place at St Patrick's for September 2020.  

St Patrick's is a Voluntary Aided School and our Governing Body is responsible for Admissions based on our Admissions Policy.  We need to know which category each applicant falls under in order to place them in the correct order on the applications list sent by Southampton City Council.  As well as the SCC online application you will need to complete a Supplementary Information Form (SIF).  It is vital that you attach any supporting documents, such as a Baptism Certificate, please see the Admissions Policy (below) for the school year you need.

Applying for a place for other year groups

If your child is currently of school age and is already placed in another school please complete the In-Year Supplementary Information form for the current Academic Year (2019-2020).  You are also required to complete an "In-Year Transfer"via the Southampton City Council Portal:

Please note that school years run from 1st September to 31st August.

Admissions Policy for Current School Year (2019-20)

Supplementary Information Form - In-Year form 2019-2020

Admissions Policy for School Year 2020-21

Supplementary Information Form - Year R 2020-21

Appeals Form

Appeals Timetable for Entry in September 2020

Admissions Policy for School Year 2021-22

Supplementary Information Form - Year R 2021-22

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