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Liturgical Year

Throughout the year. we celebrate important events in the Church's year and you can get a flavour of the sorts of liturgies we hold below.

Wise Men


1st January: Mary the Mother of God

We return to school and remember the feast of Epiphany, thinking about the many gifts we have been given by God.


February/ March

Lent: KS2 children take part in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and we all prepare our hearts during these time of self-reflection.

St Patrick


Our very talented Irish Dancers perform for us to celebrate the feast of St Patrick.

Holy Week

March/ April

Holy Week: We process into the hall singing and waving palm branches. As the Triduum continues, we remember the Last Supper. We process out in silence, having venerated the cross.

Christ is Risen

March/ April

We celebrate Easter by lighting our Paschal Candle during each assembly during the Easter season.



We say prayers at break time - a month of devotion to Mary.All classes mark the birthday of the Church at Pentecost.Some children celebrate the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time.

Holy Communion


The whole school gathers to give thanks for our Year 3 children receiving the Sacrament of First Holy Communion.

Children at Mass


We celebrate our end of year Mass - one of thanksgiving for our many blessings and to pray for our Year 6 children.

Children Reading the Bible


We return to school and celebrate Mass together, praying fot the whole community and the year ahead.



We say prayers at breaktime - a month of devotion to Mary, our mother.

All Souls' Day


Our Book of Remembrance for Holy Souls contains the names of loved ones we would like to pray for. This is displayed in the hall and referred to during all assemblies.

Advent Wreath


We light our Advent Wreath and hold a special Advent Liturgy to remind us that we are coming out of darkness into light. KS2 children lead their Advent Reconciliation Services.

Nativity Scene


All year groups celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Our choir sings at local care homes.

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