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The Problem


Our poor playground is in quite a state, due to the number of tree roots coming up through the tarmac. Unfortunately, the planners at the local authority have put a blanket Tree Preservation Order (TPO) over the whole site and won't allow us to remove any trees even if we re-plant, so we have to spend a lot of money resurfacing and funding some way to stop the same thing happening again! We simply do not have the money within our diminishing budget and so in 2018, we launched a fundraising campaign to raise £100,000.

Media Coverage

In April 2018, the Daily Echo featured us on their front page to kickstart the campaign. You can see the article here:


We also made a video to tell everyone about the project:

Funding so Far


Following our media campaign, we were contacted by Sheila Elsey, Coop Community Leader and a former parent, who offered to spearhead the campaign. She quickly obtained £5,000 through the Coop Local Causes Fund and also secured the backing of the local Coop to send in their employees on a volunteer day.

















Kasia Davenport, one of our staff and also a former parent, organised a wonderful community fun day, Shamrock Party in the Park, in October 2018 and raised over £3,000.

Some of our children have also got involved, including Jack, who had the idea to wash cars!

Thanks, to Tom O'Toole, one of our parents and an ex-pupil, we have been awarded £900 from Genesee and Wyoming, an international freight company with offices at the Town Quay. They will be funding the nature walk and greenhouse and also sending in some employees to help install it.

Progress to date

With the urgency of the tree root problem, we had to spend nearly £4,000 removing loose paving slabs and putting bark mulch around 2 of the trees.

We also managed to secure around £16,000 from the Diocese to install a proper Early Years playground, so that the children could access the full curriculum.

Help Us!

If you would like to help us finish this exciting project, contact the school office - we'd love to hear from you!

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