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Health and Safety

Security on site:


· Between 0855am and 3.10pm visitors to the school or latecomers must use the main school entrance on Fort Road to report to the school office.


· The school buildings are closed until 0830am for the health and safety of all members of staff. Parents must not walk through the school building. If you wish to speak to your child’s teacher this must be arranged through the office.

· The staff car park MUST NOT be used as a short cut to the school office.  Please use the main gate in Fort road.


· The playtrail is out of bounds before and after school.

Playground etiquette before & after school

· Dogs, apart from Assistance Dogs, are not allowed anywhere on the school site.


· Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the school site.


· Bikes and scooters must not be ridden in the playground at any time. Please wheel them into the playground to the bike store.


·  Parents should not speak to children, other than their own, if there have been incidents during the school day. If any problem occurs in school it must be dealt with by members of staff. If you are made aware of any issue, by your child or another parent, please report this to your child’s class teacher.


Any problems we can help with

There is always members of staff in the playground before and after school.  Please feel free to speak to them about any problems you/your children are having

· We have a School Nurse who carries out health checks on the Reception children once they are full time. The nurse is also available to talk to parents if you have any concerns about your child e.g. sleep walking, bedwetting, eating difficulties, behavioural concerns. If you would like to speak to the nurse, please leave a message at the school office or telephone the School Nurse’s Office at Adelaide Health Centre on 023 8053 8738

Parking around the school

Please park considerately and safely around the school when you are dropping off your children or picking them up at the end of the day.  Keep a look out for all children, not just your own.


Please be kind to our neighbours, remember you are representing our school!

On no occasion should you park in the doctor's surgery car parks - these are for patients with appointments only.

We encourage you to make full use of the free car parks only a 5 minute walk away in Woolston.

Thank you.

staff certificates health & safety

Many of the staff are trained in emergency first aid, including the use of defibrillators.  The staff with full first aid certificates are listed here:

Our Paediatric First Aiders are:

Mrs Hales

Staff trained to drive children in a minibus:

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