Music at St Patrick's

Music plays a very important part in our life at St Patrick's. All children have music lessons following the National Curriculum, but on top of that, we offer many opportunities for children to learn and participate in high-quality music-making.

Instrumental Teaching in Class

From Year 1 upwards, all children learn a musical instrument in class and we try to give them a taste of different instruments so that they can find the one they really like. For 2021/22, children will be trying ukelele, ocarina, recorder, trumpet, clarinet, keyboard and glockenspiel.

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Group Instrumental Teaching

We also offer group and individual lessons, provided by our partner Amplify Musical Services, who offer a huge range of instruments including piano, drums, guitar, trumpet, trombone, violin, viola, cello, saxophone, oboe, French horn .... actually pretty much anything you can think of! These lessons are paid for by parents at a very reasonable rate (£50 for 10 lessons) and are provided free for children who qualify for the Pupil Premium.


Choirs and Orchestras

We run a range of choirs and singing groups for different ages and the children have the chance to perform not just to parents at school, but also at some great venues including the Mayflower Theatre. Often these performances can include some acting and dancing as well.

Our school orchestra is on hold at the moment due to the Covid restrictions, but we are hoping to start next year and also get back to our other informal groups such as guitar, ukelele and recorder bands.

Shows and Performances

Each term, children perform an informal concert to parents to have a chance to show off what they have learnt. As well as the usual Christmas shows, other year groups put on performances of musicals throughout the year - our school highlight being the Y6 end of year show in the summer.