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School History



There has been a school on this site since 1883.  

The old school building - the "Tin Hut" as some of our older ex-pupil remember it, was known as "Woolston RC School" and took pupils up to the age of 14 when some were awarded scholarships to continue in their education at secondary school. The earliest entry in the Scholarship winners log book was in 1914 when James Bartley won a scholarship to go to Itchen Secondary School.

We are sure many of our oldest ex-pupils remember the dreaded outside toilets!  They have many a mention in the Headteachers' log books over the years - usually the reason why the school was closed due to them being frozen!


A report from an inspection of the school buildings in January 1959 indicated that the school had expanded substantially.  There were now three additional huts as well as the old original school building, all of which were found to be in a dilapidated state.


An entry in the Headteacher's logbook from December 1965 indicated that the old Police Station (on the same site) was now being used as the Kitchen and Dining Hall.

The current school was opened on July 21 1969 after the old building was condemned.  When the new building opened it was hailed as the most modern school in the City - according to an article in the Southern Evening Echo on 22nd July 1969.  It was described in the article as "a gleaming, spacious, equipment-packed £69,000 example of Southampton education in the seventies" with space for 320 children.

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