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St Patrick’s Foundation News - December 2020. Issue 6

Welcome to the sixth edition of this newsletter. We have officially entered the season of Advent, which is the time when we prepare for the birth of Jesus at Christmas. There are only two weeks until the start of the Christmas holidays!

Christmas Performance

The children will perform the Nativity on Wednesday 9th December and this will be recorded by our Music teacher, Mr Simpson. You will receive a link to the recorded performance before the start of the Christmas holiday. You should already have been sent a message about specific permission for your child to be recorded as part of this performance. Our rehearsals have been going well, although some children still need reminders about what their role is. We would appreciate your help in talking about this with your child at home and reminding them what role they have in the Nativity. Each role is important, from the Holy Family, to the shepherds, to the animals. Each role adds a special part to the whole performance.

What is my child learning?

In Phonics, the children have been revising all of the Set 1 sounds. These sounds can be found on the sound mat that we sent home at the October half term. It would be helpful if you could help your child to regularly revise the sounds at home, but particularly ones that children in Foundation often find tricky to remember: p, d, b, g, th, sh, qu, ch, nk and ng.

In Maths, the children are continuing to develop their knowledge of numbers 0-20. The focus is on correctly identifying each number in written form and accurately counting a certain number of objects. The children have also been enjoying measuring each other to see who is shorter and who is longer!

In RE, the children are learning about Advent as a time of preparation before the birth of Jesus. We have introduced the colour purple as a liturgical colour in the Catholic Church that symbolises a time of preparation. In order to prepare for Christmas, the children have identified an Advent promise as a gift to Jesus for His birthday! Many children have said that they will help their mummies and daddies at home. Maybe you could ask your child what their Advent promise is!

We have been working on our PATRICK attitude of ‘Teamwork’, involving working together and supporting each other throughout the day.


You should already have received an email confirming the dates for our next workshop before Christmas. We are pleased to be able to invite you to another virtual workshop before the Christmas break. The topic is 'reading at home with your children.' The workshops will be led by the Foundation teachers: Miss Archer, Mrs Conway and Mr Balaam.

An invitation has been sent in the newsletter emailed to all Foundation parents.

Winter Clothing

Most children are now able to independently zip up their own coats and put on their gloves, hat and scarves. Being able to do this is an expectation that we hope all children will achieve by Christmas. With the cold weather setting in, we would encourage you to help your child learn how to put on their own gloves or, if they are unable, perhaps to use mittens. Unfortunately, it is practically impossible for us to support a large number of children in putting on winter clothing, particularly gloves, so it would be very helpful if your child could practise this at home. Thank you for your support.


We have introduced the children to ‘Collective Worship.’ As a year group, we pray every day within Foundation, but we are now starting to bring in formal worships. These typically include a reading from the Bible, a short reflection, a hymn and a thought to inspire the children in the growth of their faith and spiritual development. Also, some children have started attending our whole-school virtual Masses. These are children who have demonstrated strong skills in listening and attention. As more children develop this skill, they will be able to attend our virtual whole-school liturgies.

Finally, we don’t want to ruin the Christmas performance! However, to give you a sneak preview of one of the songs. Perhaps you could encourage your child to sing this traditional Christmas song with you at home.

Best wishes,

The Foundation Team

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