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Daily - 2nd June

We've had a great first day back for over 70 children today - well done to all of you and also to the children who have been attending all through the lockdown so that their parents can continue their important jobs.Thank you to all the parents who followed our guidelines so carefully - it is a huge help in keeping everybody safe. 

Mrs Paul's Centipedes Song was a great piece of artwork! Tomorrow Mrs Dineen has something rather scary for you ...

You will find attached a letter to all parents from Catherine Hobbs, the Director of Education for Portsmouth Diocese.

A Message Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service

As you know, at the moment we are unable to deliver our important safety messages face to face to children in schools across Hampshire. To overcome this barrier and support teachers and parents, we have created a new Home Learning resource hub on our website. Launched to coincide with Child Safety Week, this is packed full of educational resources such as challenges, project ideas, worksheets, games, e-books and more.

It's a great tool for both educating and entertaining children that can be used by both teachers and parents to help keep young people safe. We also have plans to add virtual classes to this in future and when these go live we will let you know.

Learn how to type

This is a great skill to learn while at home and this website makes it fun by linking it to dancing! You can make your way up through the levels:

Operation Bletchley!

The Army National Charity is launching a virtual codebreaking mission during July to raise funds. There are different levels for different age groups - more details here:

"Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow's reality."-

Malala Yousafzai (youngest-ever Nobel Prize winner)

Best wishes,

Michael Lobo - Headteacher

Suzanne Friel - Deputy Headteacher

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