Daily Update - 21st April

We hope the children are enjoying using SeeSaw and having the chance to interact with their teachers - the staff are certainly loving communicating with them again and seeing their work. Lots of the work given now will be more appropriate for the age and abilities of each year group, but we will continue to send interesting websites and activities through Parentmail and will collate them on the website (see the new links on the homepage).

Thank you to Mrs Thomas for today's poem - tomorrow Mrs Archer read us a charming story about a smart giant. You can watch it on our YouTube channel here:

Storytime Playlist

Mr Morse is loving the challenges you are sending him (as are all the staff) and today he has challenged all of Year 5 - watch here:


Computing Lessons

Mr Simpson has designed and filmed a series of lessons to teach the children coding using a free online tool called Scratch (many of the children will already be familiar with this). The first set of lessons are on our YouTube channel and more will be added: