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Daily Update - 21st May

It's 2 months now since we were all last in school and hasn't everything changed so much in that time! It's really heartening to see things slowly going back to normal, even to see more people out and about and we can start to believe that with the grace of God, we can get back to some normality soon.

Thank you for your responses so far about returning to school. We will be speaking to everyone who requested a school place by the end of tomorrow to confirm the arrangements and discuss any queries you are bound to have. In order to prepare those who are returning, we will send out more information next week, along with a short video showing how the school classrooms look so that you can talk through the changes with your child and help them adapt. Please be aware that all the plans for wider opening are provisional and we are expecting an announcement from the government on May 28th as to whether we go ahead or delay.

Mrs Paul's "Are You Sitting Comfortably" was great fun today and to finish the half-term tomorrow, we have another snazzy clip from Mrs Cherry!


Mrs Bignell has suggested having a go at this challenge to draw a relative - it has a video and story to go with it:

Woolston Kindness Trial

Miss Taylor spotted this by the library! It's a great idea to get your exercise and keep motivated by finding Snoopy 15 times! We've attached it for you.

Looking after yourself and nature

There's some really good advice here on making the most of the outdoors to help with wellbeing:

For all you aspiring chefs ...

Jamie Oliver has teamed up with his son Buddy to show you how easy it is to cook delicious meals - give it a go!

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. The best is yet to come"

Zig Ziglar (American author and salesman)

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