Daily Update - 2nd April

As the official Easter holidays get closer, it's going to feel quite strange knowing that we will carry on doing what we've been doing the past few weeks. The staff have been collecting ideas for activities you can do over the holidays and we'll send them to you tomorrow.

There are some wonderful photos, pictures and videos coming in to us and they have made us all smile and cheered us up. I've been lucky enough to be on the Technical Support Desk this week, so have seen them all - please keep them coming!

Mr Morse's Challenge

This is going really well! Quite a few videos have already come in and Mr Morse and even Mrs Comarmond have filmed their responses! You can see it all on the school website.

Story of the Day

We hope you weren't too scared by Mrs Cherry in today's story! Tomorrow, Miss McNabb reads us a heart-warming tale all the way from Ireland.

Art Resources and Activities

Mrs Bignell has been busy finding some great things for you to do at home and her first suggestion is this wonderful website. There are all sorts of free things to do here and you can also sign up for the subscription if you want to: