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Daily Update - 31st March

Today, the last day of March, is also the feast of St Benjamin, a 5th century martyr from Persia. He endured countless hardships during his lifetime and never wavered in his belief in God. Maybe this is a good model for us to follow in our time of trouble.

The staff have all loved seeing your photos and pictures and have been responding to them. Keep them coming in at and keep an eye on the class pages of the website for messages from teachers.

Mr Morse's Challenge

Mr Morse has a challenge for all of you! Watch his video on our website tomorrow morning and see if you can do it!

Explaining to the children

A children's nurse, Molly Watts, has written a book for children to explain the coronavirus epidemic. You can download for free here:

Kindness Calendar

As we start a new month tomorrow, the Red Cross have suggested the children doing a kindness calendar! They've created all the resources and ideas here and we've attached the instructions.

Gardening Ideas

With the current dry weather, if you are lucky enough to have a garden, you might like the ideas here about gardening with children:

Want to do more singing?

One the most popular school singing publishers have created a week by week schedule of songs you can learn with them. More details here:

Have a lovely start to April but don't let the children play too many Aprils' fools tricks on you (or at least let us know what they've done!)

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal." Pamela Vaull Starr (author)

Best wishes,

Michael Lobo - Headteacher

Suzanne Friel - Deputy Headteacher

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