Daily Update - 6th May

It was lovely to see Mrs Bignell reading The Owl and the Pussycat today (did you know it was written in 1871 but is still a great favourite nearly 150 years later!). Tomorrow Mrs Hoiles is in her garden with a story that teaches you how to grow something exciting ....

Tomorrow is also the feast day of St Rose Venerini, an Italian nun who was responsible for opening many schools for girls in the 17th and 18th century. This was quite an achievement in furthering the cause of women's education - you can find her story here:


Charanga Logins

Everyone who requested a login for the extra music work should have now received it. Mr Simpson has allocated activities for you all to try and will be delighted to see what you produce! Any problems let us know.

Alba's Rainbows

Alba from Year 5 has been very busy fundraising for her club (Southampton Gymnastic Club). She has been making rainbow loom bands and selling them to family and friends for just £1. She has now raised £200 and is still making and selling bands every day. This fundraising is to help the club to keep going during the lockdown. Well done to Alba for such a creative initiative! You can see photos of her bands on the school website.

Lego LifeForms Challenge

The LEGO Group and the Natural History Museum are challenging you to predi