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End of Term Update

It has certainly been an eventful year, unlike any other we have known! We had an unusual but fulfilling final day at school and are looking forward to seeing our Year 6s for a celebration day on Monday.

To all our leavers in Y6, thank you for being such a credit to your parents and to the school throughout your time here: we will miss you, but know that you will take the spirit of St Patrick's with you as you begin an new journey at your secondary schools.

To Mrs Davis, Mrs Dineen, Mrs Wood and Jamie: a heartfelt thanks for all the time and commitment you have given to our school community. We wish you all the best for whatever life brings you next.

To all the staff and governors, as ever thank you for your hard work and dedication to our children and families.

Our provisional plans are in place for September and we will confirm everything with you during the last week of the holidays. I think we are all aware that the situation is ever-changing (6 weeks ago we were only open to key workers, in 6 weeks time who knows?) and we are prepared to adjust our arrangements as required.

Over the holidays, we have an exciting building project happening in the KS1 area which will provide us with an extra floor! The school is now fuller than it has ever been and we are running out of teaching and meeting spaces, so this extension will prove a great asset.Thank you to the Diocese who have provided the funding for this and also to the Governing Body who have been overseeing and planning the work.

Below are a few things you might find useful over the holidays:

Southampton Directory of Services

This is a list of numbers and contact details if you need any help or advice over the holidays.

Do you enjoy drama and acting?

Propbox, a local children's drama school are running outdoor drama activities over the summer. For more information, email or call 07789882005

WonderZone Activity Club

There are still some places available on the virtual sessions for this - for more information email

Internet Safety

Over the past few days, there has been some fake news circulating about viral scares. There is information for parents and carers about how to manage this should you be affected in any way:

If you need us

School is closed over the holidays, but if you need some support or advice from us, please email or call Mrs Mullin on 07712097633 

On behalf of all the staff and governing body, may I wish you a wonderful summer break and we look forward to welcoming you back on Monday 7th September.

Best wishes,

Michael Lobo

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