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Five went to the Isle of Wight!

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Year 5 went on an amazing trip to Osborne House to support their studies about the Victorians.

(By Patrick)

"Yesterday we went on a school trip to Osborne House. First we went to the ferry terminal for foot passengers and had a talk while we were waiting for the boat. When we got on the boat we had a lovely time - I even finished a word search puzzle that I had brought with me! Halfway through the journey we had some fresh air on deck and looked at the view, it was lovely!"

"When we reached the Isle of Wight we had a very long walk up the hill to get there. On the way up we passed lots of cottages named after the Royal family. We finally got to Osborne House and played in the park for a while. Then we walked around the gardens waiting for our turn to go into the house (the flowers smelt lovely by the way!)"

"When we got into the house my favorite room was the Banquet Room, no-one could disagree with me. Next we went for lunch at the beach with a lovely view of the sea. After the scrumptious food we had ice-cream - I had a strawberry Cornetto (It's making me drool just thinking about it now!) Afterwards we had a game of throw & catch.

Next we went to the Swiss Cottage."

"Afterwards we had another lovely play in the park. Then it was time to go home which was sad."

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