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Return to School

I hope you have managed to have a good summer, despite the difficult circumstances this year. We are looking forward to welcoming back all the children on Monday and as promised, here is a short update for you.

The government issued updated guidance last week, but there is very little change for us from what we sent you before the summer holidays. The Governors' Risk Assessment Group met again yesterday to review the situation and guidelines and today we have briefed staff again on the new routines and procedures. I have attached again the details sent out in July about the arrangements for this term: these will be reviewed at the end of next week to make sure everything is working as effectively as possible.

You and your child may be anxious about returning and we are very mindful of this; from what we are hearing from the schools who have already returned, the children seem to be very quickly getting used to the new routines and settling in well. If there are any particular concerns you would like to discuss, staff are in school today and tomorrow and will be more than happy to talk to you.

To clarify the year group timings, although the children will have Monday and Tuesday with their old teachers, you should stick to the timings for your child's new class from Monday onwards. For example, if your child is moving into Year 1, you should use the Year 1 timings all week, even though they will be with their YR teachers on Monday and Tuesday. On Tuesday afternoon, your child's new teacher will see their class out, so you will get a chance to put a face to a name.

The most important of our preventative measures is make sure that anyone with symptoms of Coronavirus or anyone with a positive test result does not come to school and isolates for 10 days. If this does happen to your child, please let us know and we will help you with what to do.

The school office is now in use again, but only by phone or email, so please call us on the usual landline number: 023 8044 8502 or email on Alternatively, Mrs Mullin is also available during working hours on 07712 097633.

Best wishes for the remainder of the holiday and see you on Monday.

Michael Lobo

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