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School Update - 22nd October

Half-Term has come up on us quickly! The last week has been just as busy as ever and I have really enjoyed seeing what all the classes have been doing. Year 3 were so excited learning about light and dark by making shadow puppets and Year 2 have been making pictures about the arctic to go with their work on polar bears (see photo). But my highlight this week has to be the attack of the Evil Peas in Year 1 – the children were not best pleased to find some nasty peas arriving and destroying their classrooms: they made some wanted posters and spent this afternoon hunting down the peas!

Diocese Inspection Report

We now have the report back from our recent Diocesan inspection, which you will find attached. We are officially a Good school with Outstanding features and I am sure you will agree that the inspectors captured our school extremely accurately in the report.

Oscar Romero Award

We are delighted to have been awarded the Oscar Romero Award, a recognition of the school’s commitment and work in the field of social justice! This includes the work done by the children for charities, the work that staff do for parents and the local community and the work that the children do to learn about issues in our world.

Goodbye and Good Luck

We say goodbye to Mrs Carol Stanfield who has been working with us for nearly a year now supporting some of our children with special needs. We thank her for all her hard work and wish her the best for the future.

SEND Local Offer

Mrs Davis has attached some information about events and activities related to special needs.

Squid Games

Please see attached some information from the Local Authority Safeguarding Officer about the Netflix show “Squid Games”

Sickness and Absence

Unfortunately we have been hit by a severe round of sickness (viruses, flu etc) on top of Covid and isolations which has meant that we’ve had to cancel quite a few events and sports clubs over the past few weeks. Thank you to all the staff who have stepped in to cover things so that we have in the main been able to carry on most things normally.

This Sunday’s gospel tells us of Jesus healing a blind man – he was healed because he believed: just like the blind man, we must be prepared to call out to Jesus and believe!

Have a restful and relaxing half-term and see you on Monday 1st November.

Michael Lobo

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