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School Update - 4th February 2022

It was lovely to have the sunshine out again this afternoon! All the children enjoyed playing outside at lunchtime and Mr Porter has been teaching them new games they can play by marking out the playground. When they’ve decided the most popular ones, we will get them painted properly and permanently on the playground. At the moment, the most popular seems to be Four Square, although I have to admit I don't understand it!

We have kept Fr Ross rather busy this week: on Tuesday he was in to celebrate the Feast of Candlemas and yesterday he popped in again to perform the traditional Blessing of Throats for the Feast of St Blaise!

Year 6 enjoyed their visit to Southampton Art Gallery and today Year F started on their tour of local landmarks, with Mrs Lindfield kindly driving them around town in the minibus, while Year 2 were learning about wheels and axles as they designed and made moon buggies!


Thank you all for your support with the emergency measures we had to implement over the last week or two. Cases have reduced dramatically and if it stays like this, we shouldn’t have to do so again (although of course you never know!).


We welcome Miss Lauren Lee-Vallance as a midday supervisor and Ms Danielle Davis as our new Academic Mentor. I am sure they will very quickly settle into the school community.

Allotment Update

Our volunteers have made a great job of clearing and levelling the allotment area outside Year 3 and last weekend they filled a skip with the debris. Our caretaker, Mr Homer, is now organising raised beds so that the children can start some planting over the coming weeks. Keep your eye on the space!


Please see attached information from Miss Taylor about some furry friends.

Family Events

Mrs Davis (Senco) has attached some information you might find useful.

In this Sunday’s Gospel, we hear how Jesus called his first disciples, who were fishermen: they heard his call, listened, left everything they owned and followed him. Are we ready to do this same?

Have a lovely weekend.

Michael Lobo

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