Timings for September

You will no doubt have seen that schools have been told we can return to normal from next term and we have therefore been looking at how best to do this in regard to timings of the school day.

Thank you to everyone who completed our recent surveys. It was very striking that apart from the question about PE kits, there was a pretty even split! (see the graphics of the results below) We have taken into account all this views, alongside what is practical within the school, and these are the arrangements for the start and end of the day when children return on 6th September.

Please note that with the Covid case numbers rising as they are, they may well be a change in government rules over the summer, so we will confirm everything with you during the last week of the holidays.

School Timings – September 2021

Year 1 – Year 6

Morning drop-off

8.30am - Porchester Road and Church gates open;