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Update - 11th October

I'm not going to write to you about Covid for a change!

We've had another busy week at school and the children are always so enthusiastic about everything they are learning. Year 5 showed me some impressive work they had been doing about Victorian workhouses and Year 6 were building some enormous structures out of newspaper and straws with Mrs Bignell. Mr Simpson even managed to do some whole-school singing virtually using a plastic cup!

Fr Ross was back after his break and just in time to lead our weekly virtual liturgy which he did alongside 5LT who were brilliant at reading the prayers and being camera operators! We're really getting used to finding creative ways to share things across the school now.

Harvest Celebration

This is normally the time of year we celebrate the gift of harvest and also remember and support people in need in our locality. Fr Ross will lead a virtual Mass on Tuesday 20th October at 2pm alongside one of our classes and we will try to livestream the service so you can join in - more details to follow.

This year there is an even greater need than normal for us to be generous and we are asking children to donate food for the Basics Bank in Southampton. We would like them to bring a packet of dried food, e.g. pasta, rice, cereal, flour, sugar or a tin, e.g. tinned fruit, sweetcorn, baked beans, etc. which can be given to those who need it. Please can the children bring their food item to their classroom on the morning of the 20th - we will then quarantine everything for 72 hours before donating to the Basics Bank.

Parent Consultation

We would normally have our first parent-teacher meetings in November, but this year as I know many of you have missed the regular conversations you have with you child's teacher (particular those with younger children), we are bringing this forward to before half-term. There will be an opportunity to book a 10 minute phone conversation with your child's teacher during the week of 19th - 23rd October so that you can discuss how your child has settled in, the work they have been doing and the progress they are making.

Bookings can be made by calling the school office or via a website where you can see which slots are available and book directly - the link will be sent to you on Monday morning. We hope this phone meeting will be useful but will also allow some flexibility for parents who work and may have found it hard to get to school for meetings in the past. If you can't manage any of the slots available, just let us know and we will accommodate you.

Cyberbullying for Parents

This is a very real issue for so many children and parents these days. Be Internet Legends are running a livestream on Cyberbullying for parents at 4.30pm from Monday to Thursday next week. More details on this website:

Have a lovely weekend.

Michael Lobo

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