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Update - 14th May

We’ve had so many exciting things going on in school this week, I’m afraid I’ve only got space to tell you about a few of them! Mrs Bignell helped Year 2 to create some amazing paintings based on Van Gogh’s sunflowers (see attachment) and 5LT continued to create all sorts of models out of newspaper. I heard the sound of 30 ukeleles twanging out tunes from somewhere in Y5 and Foundation Stage decided to give Monty the Monkey a red card for being badly behaved!

Fr Ross was back again, interviewing Y5 applicants for the pupil chaplains jobs and he and Mrs Hales have a really difficult job deciding who to appoint. Yesterday 1WA helped Mrs Hales and I to celebrate Ascension Day for the whole school and our Y6 pupil chaplains led a liturgy all about Jesus the Vine. Next Tuesday 18th at 1.45pm, 4TD will be leading Mass for Pentecost for the whole school and you can join us on Teams:

On Tuesday 25th, Year 2 will be leading our service of Crowning of Our Lady – link to follow.

Term-Time Holidays

School attendance is now mandatory again and the usual rules apply about making an application for absence for exceptional circumstances. The latest government regulations say:

As restrictions begin to lift, some families may be looking to take holidays. As usual, parents should plan their holidays around school breaks and not take their children out of school on holiday during term time. Where a parent wishes to take their child out of school for whatever reason, the onus is on them to apply for a leave of absence and demonstrate why they believe the circumstances are exceptional. Schools make decisions on granting leave of absence, but will not normally do so for a holiday.

Music and Sports

As we gradually start to come out of lockdown, we are looking to get back to offering more clubs and activities for the children. The activity clubs have been extremely popular and Mrs Thomas is now looking to get some year group choirs going (unfortunately we still can’t mix year groups, so we can’t offer to everyone just yet). All classes will have a chance to learn instruments, starting with the ukulele and hopefully moving to wind instruments when the guidance says it is safe to do so. It’s brilliant to see that so many children have taken up the option of learning instruments with Amplify Music Services and we have around another 80 children starting lessons next week!

Covid Update

You will know that the next stage of easing restrictions starts next Monday, but there are actually no real changes for primary schools. Please continue to respect the social distancing guidelines, wear face coverings and generally be alert – the virus is still in the community and there is the worrying prospect of variants on the horizon. This is what the council have to say:

The number of new COVID-19 cases has increased again in Southampton this week. Though more shops and activities will be reopening from 17 May, we need to remember that COVID-19 still poses a risk to health and it’s important that we all remain vigilant, particularly given the potential spread of global variants in the UK.

Please keep following the safe steps to stop further spread of the virus:

  • As restrictions ease, it’s important to keep windows and doors open when mixing with other households indoors, including at home.

  • Self-isolate and book a test if you have symptoms.

  • Test twice a week if you don’t have symptoms.

  • Remember the basics: hands, face, space and fresh air.

  • When shopping or waiting in a queue, remember social distancing.

  • Have a vaccine when offered. Those aged 38+ are now eligible for vaccination.

American Flag Football

Are you interested in a new non-contact sport? Solent Ted Storm are running an American Flag Football Club at Chamberlayne Leisure Centre on Sunday mornings. More details on their facebook page:

The Gospel this Sunday tells us of Jesus great love for all of us: having enjoyed such perfect love, are we always willing to put ourselves at the service of others?

Have a lovely weekend.

Michael Lobo

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