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Update - 29th January

Another week passes and we reach the end of January already! The staff have been delighted with all the work the children have been doing at home – it is a very different way of learning, but they have all stepped up to the mark. Please remember to allow your children plenty of time away from the screen; we do not expect them to be staring at a screen all day and they should try and have plenty of breaks in between their learning. In school, everything has been going well and we all loved watching Year 3 lead the liturgy last week!

Please keep in your thoughts and prayers one of our families whose new-born baby is extremely ill and in hospital: this is such a difficult time for them and I know your prayers can and will make a difference.

Testing for School Staff

The government have now provided us with a number of lateral Flow Device testing kits for the staff to use once or twice a week. Unfortunately because they are not completely accurate, any staff who test positive have to get a PCR test to confirm the result. However, we hope this may help trace any people with Covid who are not showing any symptoms. If we do get any positive cases, then we will of course follow the usual procedures for self-isolation.

Message from the Council

We’re seeing encouraging signs that your sacrifices are making a difference in reducing our COVID-19 cases, but cases are still very high and pressure on University Hospital Southampton’s Intensive Care Unit and our social care system remains extremely high.

Stick with it Southampton. Stay home and follow government guidance so we can all get through this together.

Time to Talk Day – 4 February

Time to Talk Day aims to get the nation talking about mental health. The theme for this year is the ‘power of small’. It shows how a small conversation has the power to make a big difference, and that this is something we can all do for each other. While we might not be able to reach out in person, we can make a phone call to a colleague or talk online with a friend. Who will you start a conversation with?

From the Bishop

Bishop Philip is inviting everyone to join him for a series of short 20 minute talks on “The Role of Faith in the Time of COVID”. The first one is this Sunday 31st at 5pm and you can register here:

This Sunday, St Mark tells us of the start of Jesus’ ministry and how he drove out an unclean spirit. It is also Racial Justice Sunday and so gives us a chance to reflect on the “unclean spirits” that remain in our world in the shape of the many racial injustices we see and hear about. Next Tuesday, February 2nd, is the feast of Candlemas, the traditional end of the Christmas season, when Jesus was presented in the temple: Fr Ross will be leading a special liturgy which will involve plenty of candles!

Have a lovely and safe weekend.

Michael Lobo

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