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Update - 4th December

Well Advent has come on us so quickly and we are already preparing for Christmas! Fr Ross celebrated a beautiful Mass for Advent on Tuesday, with 6AF helping to lead and we were so pleased that some parents managed to join in the live-stream.

End of Term

Our last day of term is on Friday 18th December and we will be finishing school earlier, but still at our staggered timings. Essentially, everyone will finish 1 hour earlier than usual, so the slots will be:

1.45-2.00pm: Foundation Stage

2.00-2.10pm: Yrs 1,2 and 6

2.10- 2.20pm: Yrs 3, 4 and 5

A reminder that we also have a teacher training day on Thursday 14th January when the school will be closed to children.

Christmas Performances

Thank you to everyone who has filled in their permission forms for the recorded Christmas performances – Mrs Comarmond has been busily phoning everyone who hadn’t replied (a huge job!). Over the next week, all the classes will be practising and recording their sections of the different shows and once they have been edited, we will make them available on our website and school YouTube channel.

Christmas Cards

As we have to be extra careful in not transmitting any potential virus this year, if children wish to bring in Christmas cards, please make sure they are all in school by Tues Dec 15th. We will quarantine all cards and give out after this date.

Staff Interviews

We are recording a series of short interviews with our staff, especially for new parents who won't have had a chance to meet anyone this year. First off is Bev Bowers, our receptionist extraordinaire and you can view her on the homepage of our website.

Clever Never Goes

The Hampshire Police have asked us to make parents aware of this excellent new resource to help you help your children to be independent and safe. There are all sorts of resources and guides on the website:

Social Distancing Reminder

To avoid being classed as a close contact (should there be a positive case of Covid), you must not be in contact with the person at a distance of less than 1 metre for more than 1 minute or at less than 2 metres for more than 15 minutes. Although face coverings do reduce the risk of spreading the virus, they will not prevent you from having to self-isolate should you be in close proximity to a confirmed case. It would be awful if any of our school community had to isolate over the Christmas period, so please do be extra vigilant about keeping your distance over the next few weeks.

Hands – Face – Space

This Sunday’s gospel reading tells us of John the Baptist who travelled the land telling everyone to prepare the way of the Lord. As we prepare for a most unusual Christmas this year, it is interesting to speculate what John would have said to us in the year 2020.

Have a lovely weekend.

Best wishes.

Michael Lobo

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