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Update - 5th March

Just a short update for you today as there was a lot to read yesterday. Well done to all the children at home and at school over the past few months! It has been quite an experience and you have all coped brilliantly with all the new things that have been happening. I’m sure everyone is looking forward to getting back to school on Monday and I know the staff are so excited to welcome you back again.

St Patrick’s Day is coming …!

We don’t need extra reasons to celebrate at the moment, but we will certainly be doing something special to celebrate our school saint on 17th March! The children have missed out on so many things over the past year, so we will be doing our best to make up for some of them. More details to follow.

Symptom Free Covid-19 Testing for Households

You will have received a message yesterday from the government about testing at home; Southampton City Council have sent out further local information about this which we are forwarding on.

Message from the Council

New cases of COVID-19 in Southampton continue to fall. This is great news but the rate of infection remains high, and admissions to the University Hospital Southampton ICU are still higher than average.

It’s essential that we all keep following guidance while vaccines are rolled out at speed.

Stick with it Southampton. Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives.

Our Gospel reading this Sunday tells of Jesus' anger at seeing the Temple, a place of worship, turned into a market place of extortion, cheating and lies. He corrects the situation by cleansing the Temple and returning it to a place of worship. Today, we are that “temple” in the sense that God is present in our lives and we must make his presence real in all our doings.

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!

Michael Lobo

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